Hampstead Cleaning Services has been doing a great job cleaning my house for 8 years and counting. They are trustworthy – efficient – do a great job cleaning – and leave my house looking and smelling wonderful. Their office staff are quick to respond and support all special requests. The cleaners are friendly. Plus today they found my missing wedding ring – thank you Hampstead Cleaning Services!

Anthony White

I needed my apartment to get a good cleaning last minute because my parents were coming to town to stay with me. I was able to schedule for the next day. They did a fine job and the apartment was very clean. I wouldn’t say it was super clean, as I think the floors were still a little dirty and they didn’t dust the blinds in my bedroom. But you can’t beat the convenience of scheduling and paying online. If it was a little bit cheaper I would consider a monthly recurring appointment. It’s very expensive for not being squeaky clean.

Emilly Freeman

I searched high and low, far and wide to find a good cleaning service and my experience with this company has far out done my expectations. I organize everything via text and charges are made automatically which cut out all the drama and time. They are very professional, kind and warm. They have a key to my house so when I am not there they can go in and do their magic. I highly recommend this company and will never use anyone else. They even told me if I am not happy with the service to let them know what went wrong and they will address the issue the next day with a cleaning or refund the charges.

Jeremy Good

I was thoroughly impressed by my experience. The Hampstead Cleaning Services were on time and friendly and cleaned my apartment SO well. I’d used other services in the past that were fine but these guys really took the job seriously and my apartment has never been cleaner (since I moved in two years ago). The price was pretty much in line with other services and it was well worth the incredible convenience (hard to describe how nice it is to go from booking to cleaning in such a short period of time). Definitely using this from now on.

Steven Green

Used them two years in a row for steam cleaning services for my apartment. Great customer service throughout the process, they were right on time, and they delivered on what they said they would.

Adam Smitters